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Have you been wondering what goes on behind the scenes of a boudoir shoot with me? How do we prep, set up, the vibe, the aftermath? What is the process like going through this experience?

So first off, what is a boudoir shoot? Boudoir photography is a specific type of photography experience where the client is able to explore more of their sensual, intimate and playful side of their personality in a photoshoot. These shoots are typically more of a mix of fashion and glamor shots, with the client wearing whatever they are wanting from clothing pieces, to lingerie or to not wearing anything at all. You can check out the full blog post on what boudoir photography is HERE.

Now you know what boudoir photography is & you are READY to book your session. What happens now…

Inquire About A Session

This is the first step, you can inquire about a session HERE. And this will help me learn a little about you & then we will set up a consultation call. On the consultation call we will talk about your wants, goals & how you want your experience with a boudoir session to go. I will walk you through all the details, answer any questions & if we are a good fit we will go ahead & schedule your boudoir session.

Prep For Your Session

When you book a boudoir session with me you will receive a whole prep guide. The prep guide breaks down everything you’ll need to know & advice for preparing for your shoot. Like, what you should wear (and places to get lingerie), what pieces you should shop for, which body part you are wanting to show off & for parts you are wanting more to hide, what you should be doing to prep, what you can expect from our shoot and more. I, of course, will be available to answer any other questions you have as well before our shoot.

Your Boudoir Session

Yay, your shoot is now here! We will shoot for approximately 90 min. So combined with the 1.5 hours from hair and makeup (that is included with your session fee), that makes this a three hour session. I will have snacks and refreshments on hand, don’t worry! During your session with me, you will have time for three outfits. You may borrow from my client’s closet, you can bring your own things, or you can mix and match my pieces with yours. It’s up to you! I’ll pose you every step of the way! Most of the time I actually set my camera down and show you exactly what to do, then fine tune each pose as we go along. I’ll also be showing you the back of the camera so you can know with confidence that you’re doing an amazing job!!

After Your Session

We’ll get together about a week or so after your session for your viewing and ordering session via zoom. This is where you’ll see your images for the first time! I’ll show you anywhere from 50-70 images, then we’ll look at them individually and you can choose your favorites. After you’ve selected your favorites, we will talk about how you’d like to display your photos.

Then after that you’ll receive your beautiful images in whatever way you choose to have them delivered. Then your boudoir experience is COMPLETE.

I will be there for you every step of the way, from the beginning, the middle, to the end. I got your back girl! This will be one of the most fun, exciting, eye opening, soul loving experiences you’ll get to go through. 

I cannot wait to see you in the studio, if you are ready to take this journey with me, book your session HERE. 

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