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It’s a new year, which means it might be time for a REFRESH in your business. What’s a better way to start off the year within your business than new BRANDING photos. Branding photos are so important for your business for many reasons. Professional branding photos allow you to show up as a professional business, connect to your followers, showcase your brand, build credibility and consistency. 

If you are needing new branding photos, I AM YOUR GAL & you can learn more about booking a branding session with me, HERE.

But if you are wondering, where can I use my branding photos to help grow my business? This blog post is for you.

You want to make sure you are using your branding photos in all the areas you possibly can to create a cohesive professional brand across the board for your business. If you aren’t really sure where the best place to use your new branding photos is, this post is for you. 

The one thing you don’t want to miss out on is the opportunity and boost these photos can give you & your business, so we want to make sure your photos are in all the right places. 

By having branding photos, you are showcasing who you are and what your brand is. Your branding photos can give you reusable content for dayyyys. And even better, here are all of the places you can use your photos:

-Social Media


-Blog posts

-Business cards


-Email signature

-Event promotions



And more…

By establishing who you are with a professional cohesive brand and putting yourself out there, you are building trust with your audience. Credibility and connection is so important when boosting and growing your business. It’s easier for people to connect with you when they see the face behind the brand, when they connect with the human behind the computer.

Consistency across socials, building your presence, establishing your brand are all things you can do simply by having branding photos.

I developed a guide specifically for me and my clients to ensure a successful branding shoot. Grab my free list of ‘must have shots during a branding session’ to make sure you cover all the bases! Click here to download!

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