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If you are a mom & running a business, GIRL, I will hand you a margarita SO FAST if I could. This isn’t for the weak, that is for sure but it is the most fulfilling feeling ever, honestly. But I really want to talk about being a mom & running a business for a second because I think this is a really important topic that should be touched & talked about.

Just because we are a mom & running a business, we hold ourselves to this different set of standards & expectations than we would normally. But I want you to stop and ask yourself a question real quick…

Am I honestly being a ROLE MODEL in my business that I want my child to look up to?

This is a question mom’s carry in our lives and in our business and it is a question I want you to ask yourself.

I used to be that mom who was ALWAYS tired. The image that we have of “mamapreneurs” is that they’re hard workers who pour all their energy into their businesses to grow them as big as possible to support their families. 

I felt like if I wasn’t stressed, I wasn’t doing enough. Then I felt like I was not only failing in my business but also for my family.

But is that REALLY the model we want to show our kids is the ‘best’? Feeling stressed, like we aren’t ever doing enough, working yourself to the ground and not taking any time to take care of you. I would never want that for my daughter, so why was that the version of myself I was letting her look up to!?

I want my kids to know that the best version of themselves is the one that’s the happiest with the most freedom. Who isn’t afraid to take care of themselves, and celebrate EVERY win.

I love when mama business owners approach me for branding sessions. It’s always overflowing with victories and all the positive vibes that we want to be the examples we’re letting our babies live by. That’s what it means to be a role model and a mamapreneur to me.

If that’s not you – I want you to know that it can be, and now is the perfect time to make that conscious decision to change how we look at ourselves as business owners in 2023. It’s as easy as overcoming the old stereotypes about being biz owners we’ve taught ourselves, and making choices that serve who we really want to be.

I love that as a mamaprenuer myself, I’m able to help other mamapreneurs! Let your branding session showcase who you are, what your business is about, and celebrate the fact that you are both an amazing boss woman and mom ceo! Book your branding session with me HERE & let’s celebrate the amazing role model, mama & CEO that you are!

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