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Boudoir photography is a specific type of photography experience where the client is able to explore more of their sensual, intimate and playful side of their personality in a photoshoot. These shoots are typically more of a mix of fashion and glamor shots, with the client wearing whatever they are wanting from clothing pieces, to lingerie or to not wearing anything at all.

Boudoir photoshoots aren’t really for professional models, they are for regular people who are looking to have some sort of self exploration experience. 

This could include: Finding a new form of love for yourself and your body, wanting to celebrate an accomplishment, wanting to reconnect back with yourself, push yourself out of your comfort zone, journey of self-discovery, if you need a confidence boost, send as a spicy gift to your partner or if you just want a new way to express yourself. 

These are all things that a Boudoir shoot can do for you, it’s not just photos, it is MUCH more than that. It is a whole self re-birthing experience.

The women that go through a boudoir session can express the same thing to you about their experience, it is much more than just photos.

And the thing about boudoir photography is that it is for EVERYONE, every body is a boudoir body.

You don’t have to be at your “goal weight”, have abs of steel, you aren’t too old, you don’t have to look a certain way, etc. 

You just have to show up as you and that is what is perfect and that is what makes this experience that much more special.

And here is also the thing, you don’t have to have any experience with posing, I will be there to help you pose & coach you through the shoot the whole entire time but you’ll be surprised just how comfortable and natural it starts to feel after a lil while.

If you are wanting to express yourself in a new way, celebrate the walk of life you are in or are looking for a deep self love experience, then a boudoir shoot might just be for you!

If you are wanting more information on what a session entails or wanting to talk more about if this experience would be something you would want to do, you can learn more HERE.

You are worthy, you are beautiful and you deserve to feel that way & see yourself in that light.

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