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Wanna know how to be BOOKED out without feeling BURNT out as a photographer?!…aka scoring consistent 10K months WITHOUT feeling tired, out of alignment, and stressed TF out? 🔥

Then Girl — keeping reading, this is just for you!!

If you’re landing clients, your offers are flying and you’re consistently hitting your goals BUT you feel like continuing at this rate isn’t sustainable. Then I know exactly how you’re feeling – I’ve been there too! There is a way to be booked out without hitting burnout.

Getting clear, making some changes (Hello CEO days), and implementing these things helped me to manage my biz better. These changes helped me so that I can continue making the same amount of money, but in a way that feels more in alignment with WHY I started my business while also staying true to my goals.

First things first:

🔥 Establish BOUNDARIES: I can’t emphasize this step enough. You MUST set boundaries in your business. To do this, use reverse engineering to figure out how to price yourself so you aren’t taking on too many clients. For example, if you want to make 100K but only want to book 20 clients to not feel like you’re working TOO hard, price yourself at 5K and don’t settle for less. (And aim high — you’re worth it!)

Really evaluate the time you’re spending with each client:

→ From the client inquiry to the discovery call

→ All of your client communication

→ Preparing for and shooting the branding session or wedding day where you’re actively providing your services. 

Comb through every little step, think about how much of your time you’re actually spending and your operational costs.

And while you’re at it… STOP OVER-DELIVERING! Your offers are valuable, and if you’re giving away things for free (whether that’s your time or freebies!) because you don’t believe you’re worth it, it’s time to work on your money mindset.


🔥 Know your CLIENT: Get clear on who exactly it is you want to serve and avoid any red flags – if a client isn’t aligned with you and your biz, say NO! I know it can be exciting getting inquiries, but having them be in alignment with your style can make a world of difference. 

Break down all the details, what type of weddings do you want to photograph? Do you like elopements more than traditional bigger weddings? Do you have a passion for maternity photos but don’t find joy in photographing weddings? Understanding WHO you want to work with VS just taking anything that comes your way will make a big difference in the long run.

 Learning to say no to clients who don’t serve you means that you’re happier in your work AND you’ll have space for your dream clients — they can’t work with you if there’s no room! This just leads to burn out.


🔥 Stay true to YOU!: Make sure your offers are always aligned with the WHY behind your business journey. If you ditched your 9-5 to have more free time with your family, don’t serve offers that’ll have you working the same amount of hours. You want to be booked out working with clients and projects that are in alignment with why your originally started this business. Get clear and when, where and how you want to work with your clients. Then make sure you’re communicating clearly about these things. 

If you only do elopements on certain weekends in the month, make sure your booking calendar is up to date. If you love to photograph branding sessions at a specific location, make sure to showcase past sessions in that location. This will help your future clients see your incredible work and want to shoot at your favorite location. 

Here are two podcasts I listened to recently that helped me with money mindset, setting priorities and saying no as a business owner.

Already Friends Podcast with Allison Wetig and Ceara Kirkpatrick – Balance, Priorities and Saying No.

Money, Mindset & Manifestation with Marley Rose – Making More Money and Doing Less with Alyssa Coleman

It’s all about working smarter, not harder, and that’s the key to being successful, booked out, AND loving your life! Connect with me on the gram for more tips and check out all the other ways I can help you step it up and BOOK OUT with passion, authenticity, and a whole lotta fun.

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