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5 Common Wedding Photography Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

We have covered many articles on why you should hire a professional wedding photographer, why it is so important and why you should maximise your budget.

However there are still some mistake couples make when it comes to their wedding photography, so we have rounded up 5 common ones we see.

1. Under Appreciating the Importance of Photography.

You should maximise your budget, you should put a lot of importance on your wedding photography. Why? At the end of your special day the cake will be eaten, the flowers will wilt, the venue will be cleared and all you will have are memories. What better way is there to capture and hold those memories so you can show family, friends, grand children, than through images.

We hear a lot of brides focusing on creating their dream wedding, focused on getting everything perfect, but they forget that it is for just one day, and they don’t think or maximise their budget to hire a professional wedding photographer to capture their day, their perfect wedding they have dreamt about and spent months planning and creating.

Make sure you capture your day and your perfect wedding. It is the one think you will have when your day is over that will last forever.

2. Last Minute Bookings & Disappointment

You have set your budget for your photography, you have maximised it the best you can so you can afford the best photographer you can get. All ticks so far, however you leave it, you don’t make a decision and then when you realise you still need to hire someone, you can be left disappointed when the wedding photographers you wished you had hired are fully booked on your day.

As with your wedding venue, as soon as your wedding venue and the date is confirmed, you should be booking your wedding photographer. No matter what your budget the best wedding photographers will be taking bookings up to 2 years in advance, so don’t wait a couple of months before your big day and be surprised they are booked up.

Our advice is as soon as you have your date and venue, find your perfect wedding photographer and get them booked.

3. Photo Lists

When you pick and hire your perfect wedding photographer you pick them because you love their style, you pick them because you feel comfortable working with them, and you pick them because you trust them.

If there are a few nice shots you would like, family shots, mum and bride etc then let your photographer know, but don’t tell and show them every photo you would like. You are hiring them because you trust them, because you have seen full albums of work and love their style. There is no need to give them a long list of shots you want, trust them to do their job and capture moments that even you won’t have thought about, or even expected to happen let alone be captured. Let your wedding photographer capture real moments and use their years of experience to produce the best story of your day.

4. Pockets… empty your pockets.

No this isn’t a hold up, we are talking about grooms, the best men, infact anyone that has pockets, do you want your wedding photos of your groom or guests with bulging pockets, shots of them with their wallet, keys and phone imprinted on the side of their trousers. I thought not.

If you are the groom do you need your wallet? Do you need your keys? And if the most important people in your life are there with you on this special day then why would you need your phone? So empty your pockets and enjoy the day, store them somewhere safe and forget about them.

5. Put your phone away

Always an interesting topic but we feel wedding photos can easily be ruined by shots of the bride and groom walking down the isle to a sea of camera phones being held up too. Weather you ask your guests not to do it or not, perhaps ask them to have a cut off point, you can take photos if you wish up to this time, then please put your phone and camera away and enjoy the rest of the day with us.

These are just 5 things that we hear about when it come to wedding photography and mistake and stories we find out about with couples. So make sure you consider and think about these so you don’t fall down these traps and make the same mistakes.



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