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One of my favorite things about photographing branding photo sessions is that I get to meet SO MANY incredible business owners living out their passion while making an impact on their communities. 

There’s NO such thing as a boring business – Whatever your industry or your job title, you have the power to bring the fun and excitement by making it all about YOU! 🕺🌈

And there’s no better proof of this than one of my all-time favorite branding clients Kaela owner of Sustainable Sleep Solution (You can find her on the gram here @sustainable.sleep!)

Kaela is a Pediatric sleep expert, which means her job LITERALLY impacts the daily lives of all the parents she works with by helping them implement sleep habits that work for their families. 💤 

Kaela has one of the biggest, most fun personalities I’ve ever met, and we were able to channel that energy into her branding photo session and help build her visual brand around STANDING OUT.

It’s so easy to tell that Kaela is in love with what she does in her business through the way she chooses to show up, and If your dream clients can see you’re having fun and are PASSIONATE about your job (which, oh my gosh, Kaela is in EVERY sense of the word!) they’ll want to invest in YOU. Kaela is so passionate about helping families and you can just see that love and dedication to her work vibrating through her branding photos. 

Just the way Kaela is so passionate about helping parents find her rhythms and sleep habits. It is my MISSION to help business owners capture branding images that communicate the incredible products and services they provide their customers.

Your potential clients NEED your products and services, but they have a CHOICE in who they work with – sure, a corporate headshot can show you’re a professional with a nice smile… but what are you bringing that NOBODY else has to offer? 🤖❌ 

When business owners approach me with the opportunity to help expand their business and brand, it is my number one priority to help them communicate what makes them stand out and stand apart from others in their industry. 

Kaela is making her mark because she’s refusing to stick to the cookie cutters and busting the stereotypes of her industry, and in doing that she’s kicking BUTT at standing out, owning her craft and slaying her business. 

Whether you’re a realtor, a coach, a professional sudoku player or a space cowboy… You have the exact same opportunity to do this with YOUR biz, too. You aren’t your job title – you are YOU, and you are a BADASS! 

Feeling as inspired by Kaela as I am and looking for a BRAND REFRESH? Click the link in my bio. Let’s work together to put the fun back into YOUR biz and taking your business branding to the next level. 🎉

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