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To do Engagement Photos or To Not Do Engagement Photos? Now, that is the question, a lot of couples ask each other at the beginning of the wedding planning process. Is it worth it? What would they be used for? Can’t we just take a picture of the ring & move on? 

So, let me just break it down. Give you the full deal, about Engagement photos. Why they are important and what they can be used for. Hopefully, after reading this blog, you and your partner will have all the information you will need about the benefits of having engagement photos done.

Ps, when you book me as your wedding photographer, you get a complimentary engagement session. So, with me, an engagement session is a no brainer.

Here are other reasons why you should get engagement photos done!

1. You’ll get more comfortable being in front of the camera

This might be the first time that you are ever in front of the camera with a professional photographer. So, an engagement session is a great opportunity for you to get more comfortable with the process of being professionally photographed. The session lets you get more comfortable with being in front of the camera vs if the first time you were professionally photographed was at your actual wedding. So, at least if you are more awkward at first in front of the camera it is at your engagement session vs your actual wedding. Don’t worry about being awkward though, I’ll talk & coach you through it.

2. You get to try out poses pre-wedding

Your engagement shoot could be used as a practice run of poses you might want to try on your wedding day! You can find out which poses you love and are comfortable with. Then also on the other hand you can also find one’s that you might not be a fan of and can totally scratch off your list. This session can also just help you and your partner get more comfortable being posed, coached & framed for the perfect shots as well.

3. You’ll get to know your photographer more

If your wedding photographer does your engagement session (which again, if you book a wedding with me, you get a free engagement session), then you are also able to get to know your photographer a lot more before your wedding. You can see how they work, how they pose, how they make you feel and just get overall closer with your photographer. This can help you be more prepared for your big day because you’ll have a stronger relationship with your photographer and you will also be more familiar with how they work. Just makes your wedding day go so much smoother.

4. You get to spend some quality time with your S/O

Overall life can be pretty freaking busy and planning a wedding on top of it, don’t even get me started. Time is probably scarce between the two of you, so an engagement session is basically guaranteed quality time between you guys. You have no other choice but to be up close and personal. So, with a busy but magical time of your life, having that quality time together can help make sure you guys are still connecting even with a busier schedule.

5. Engagement photos are used for a variety of things

Engagement photos can actually be used for more things than just your phone wallpaper or a picture to frame, they actually have a lot of uses, especially in the wedding planning process. Engagement photos can be used for things like: save the dates, wedding websites & registry, announcements and even wedding invitations. They have multiple different uses and can be used for multiple different things.

Of course, at the end of the day it is you and your partner’s decision whether you want to do an engagement session or not. But I want you to have all the information you can and all the benefits of what an engagement session can do for you & your wedding before you make that decision. 

Let me know if you have any questions & congratulations on your big day.

Book Your Wedding With Me & Your Engagement Session Is Complimentary

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