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Do you have a feeling like your partner is going to POP the question in 2023? If so, that is SO EXCITING and I am rooting for you so hard and cannot wait to celebrate you when they do. 

Are you wanting proposal pictures when they do propose? If yes, then I have some tips for you to SUBTLY hint to your partner that you want proposal pictures!

1. Let’s Use The Creepy Ads To Your Advantage

We live in such a WILD time right now. You guys know how creepily accurate your ads on your phone, social media, google, etc are. It’s like they are in your brain & you cannot even figure out how they knew you needed a new cute tan sweater because you poured red wine on it at a friend’s house the other day. It’s creepy, I know but we are going to use this to your advantage now. 

If you can possibly get a hold of your partner’s phone nonchalantly and potentially have it out of ear shot, you can literally just talk into the speaker saying “Proposal Photographers near me” or “How to book a photographer for a proposal”, things like that over and over. You can do this over multiple times over a span of time to hopefully get the best results. Doing this will HOPEFULLY cause their phone to start showing them ads for proposal photographers or at least information on photographers with proposing. 

Sneaky Sneaky but that is the whole point of this.

2. Find Someone Who Got Engaged With A Photographer There To Capture The Moment

I bet my bottom dollar that you show your person LOTS of things off of social media, whether that’s tik tok’s, meme’s, videos, cute puppies, etc. Showing them things off of social media is probably not a rare occurrence between you two. So again, let’s use this to our advantage and put on our little sneaky ninja outfits to plant even more hints and information into their brains. 

Pull up either a random couple or even better a couple YOU guys know, that recently got engaged and had a photographer there to capture the moment. And just make some comments on it, not TOO many because again, we don’t want to make it obvious but just a few comments here and there.

Maybe say something like, “Look how cute this is that they captured the actual engagement, that is so cute”  “Man, look you can see her reaction to the proposal, how cute is that” or “That is so special that they had someone capture such a special moment”. Things like that to drop that subtle hint without being super obvious. 

We want this to be a more casual thing, so try to keep it casual like you are showing them any other thing and commenting on it.

3. Mention How Special Pictures Of Important Events & Occasions Are

This can be another sneaky way of planting a seed into your partner’s head about wanting proposal pictures without being super obvious about it.

Start creating conversations about how important it is for you to have pictures from special events or occasions. Whether you are looking back on pictures and saying you are so happy you have these to look at or if you have an event planned, saying how you really want to get a picture there together because of how special that picture will be for you.

Just really emphasizing just how meaningful pictures are especially on big events. 

These are some of my best tips to help you subtly hint to your partner that you want your proposal to be captured by a photographer.

Let me know if this was helpful & when they do propose, don’t forget that I do photograph weddings and when you book your wedding with me, you get a complimentary engagement session! OOOOweee, you can check out more information about booking your wedding with me, HERE.

Cannot wait to hear about your engagement!

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