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November has come & is almost gone, feels like I blinked and now December is literally next week. Do you feel that way as well?

Either way, we have basically a month left of 2022 and I know you are probably scrambling in your business to finish out the year strong & then get set up for success for 2023, like we talked about in my last blog post. I know it probably feels SO overwhelming right now but again I just want to remind and encourage you that business doesn’t start & stop at the end and beginning of the year. Business is all the time thing and we want to create something that is sustainable and scalable, not something where we go balls to the wall at the end & beginning of the year and burn ourselves out so hard that we don’t keep going till we start freaking out at the end of the year again. Creating a sustainable & scalable business is a long term game. 

There is SO much hustle now that we are knee deep in the Holidays and are inching closer to the end of the year. So, many of you gals hustling almost to burnout to reach the goals you set at the beginning of the year. Here are my top tips to finish out your year STRONG and feeling good vs squealing your tires and burning yourself out, the cycle that you have probably been on once or twice.

Here are my tips…

Stop Making Yourself Feel Bad For All The Things You Didn’t Do Or All The Goals You Haven’t Hit This Year

Again, business is a long game and it is MORE than okay if you didn’t quite hit the goals you wanted or accomplish everything this year. You did the best you could and you don’t need to make yourself feel bad over it. Give yourself some grace and love. You really did your best.


Let’s start reviewing how your 2022 went. Here are some things to ask yourself & take the time to think about: What went well? What felt SO good? What went wrong? What felt sticky? What boundaries were crossed or needed to be set? How did your schedule feel this year? 

Really start looking at 2022, figure out what went well and improve or keep doing that and figure out what felt icky and kick all that to the CURB girl.

Step Into The Energy That You Want To End The Year In

We don’t want to end the year burnout, upset and in desperate energy. That will not help us AT ALL. Don’t end the year hating your business or even resenting it this year. Let’s flip the script, step into the energy that you would like to end the year in. Step into the gratitude and the high energy that you want to be in. That is the type of feeling we want to end the year with and not only will we feel better but that will help our business out so much more.

Enjoy Your Freaking Life & The Holidays Girl

This is probably one of the MAIN reasons you started your business, right? Yes, okay then, get off your phone and go enjoy your life. Yes, right now, if you are reading this when it goes live, it’s Thanksgiving. Get off your phone and save this blog post for later (Monday) and enjoy your Holidays. Your ideal clients will come when you are actually LIVING and enjoying your life, not when you are glued to your phone refreshing your DMs or consistently checking out paypal.

If you do these things, you will end your year feeling SO much better & start your year off with a BANG, because you will be feeling so much better and refreshed and ready to SERVE your people

Let me know if this was helpful! If you are looking to upgrade your business branding photos, you can book your session with me HERE. 

Cheers to ending out your 2022 rested & not resentful!

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