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You guys already know that 2023 is literally a few weeks away. A new year for business, the first quarter of the year, a clean slate for some & a continuing point for others. But if you found yourself maybe falling behind in your business this year and are wanting to stay ahead of the game this next year, then I have some tips for you!

Also, it is okay to fall behind in business sometimes, that is the life of a business owner, we can’t be ahead ALL THE TIME, life happens and that is TOTALLY okay. But if you find yourself falling behind a lot, that’s what these tips are for. To help keep you on track & streamline some things to make sure you are not falling behind, especially not this next year.

Let’s crush 2023 & be ahead of the game with these 5 tips…

1. Have A Clear Vision Of 2023

If you aren’t sure where you want to go, what you want to do, how you want to feel in 2023, then how do you expect to be ahead next year? 

So, start getting clear on what you want your 2023 to look like, the things you want to do for your business, the impact you want to have, who you want to help. Get crystal clear on all of this, so you can move into tip number 2…

2. Create Goals, Have a Plan & Set Up Action Steps

This is SO helpful for not only staying ahead this next year but actually accomplishing everything you want to accomplish in 2023. So, taking the vision you have for next year, break what you want down with a plan with goals and then action steps to reach those goals.

Now, it doesn’t have to stop there because usually that’s where people stop & then actually don’t accomplish their goals. I like to take things one more step and create like sub action steps & have those scheduled to yet again reach those goals. Because when we actually break down our goals into digestible action steps that have a due date, there is a MUCH higher chance that it is actually going to get done vs just having the goal and not actually breaking it down.

Doing this will not only help you reach your goals but if you set the due dates before you are wanting to actually have it done, then you can be ahead of the game!

3. Create A Schedule & Have A Planner

Piggy backing on step 2, when we schedule things out, there is a higher chance we can get things DONE. If you are wanting to stay ahead, organized and honestly sane in 2023, you need to have some type of planner, calendar, schedule management system. Whether that is a digital planner or paper planner is totally dealers choice BUT you need to have something.

This is where you can have all your goals planned & scheduled out. Your work schedule, your tasks with the due dates, big project dates, etc. 

This can really help you stay on track & ahead for the next year. As a business owner, we wear lots of hats, so it’s important that we have a place to land to keep us organized & sane.

4. Get Support: Hire a Mentor, Delegate To A Team, Hire The Service Provider

Speaking of wearing all the hats, you don’t HAVE to wear all the hats in your business. You don’t have to wear busy as a badge anymore because in 2023, we are getting support where we need it in our business. 

This can be a mentor if you are wanting to grow, scale & expand in parts of your business that you might need that outsider opinion on. Delegating tasks for your business to a team to take some things off your plate and have more time in your life. Hiring the service provider that you might need to elevate your branding. Things like that.

I know you feel like you have to be a one man team but you’ll soon realize just how much you can grow & expand your business when you have people supporting you through it.

5. Take Care Of You

Usually I see business owners RUN RUN RUN so hard & so fast in the beginning of the year and by March they are literally burnt the hell out that they end up taking a good chunk of time off in their business (which time off isn’t a problem at all) but what if we just totally avoided the burnout in the first place?

You have heard me say it before, business is a LONG game it isn’t something that begins at the start of the year, it something that is constantly going. So, we need to not burn ourselves out because that doesn’t help anyone.

What you need to do is take care of yourself. Make sure you are taking time off of work. Making yourself a priority, doing self care, spending time with your loved ones, doing things that light you up. Because the more you pour into yourself, the more you can pour back into your business.

These are the top 5 tips I have for you guys to make sure you can stay ahead with your business in 2023!

I cannot wait to see your beautiful businesses flourish & see you reach all your goals for this year!

Let me know if this was helpful! If you are looking to refresh your branding photos for 2023, you can book your session with me HERE

Cheers to your business growth for 2023!

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