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Victoria Beach Engagement photos in Laguna Beach California

Christina and Remy were like a real like Romance Novel cover, like super sexy Fabio style romance novel….. Im not even mad! So naturally I thought that one of the most romantic beach is Victoria beach in Laguna …. Hot damn i was right!

I like to start my sessions with some easy movements to warm up my couples to my camera being in their faces, HA i mean who doesn’t love a camera in their face, totally kidding 99% of people don’t so its my job to make them feel comfortable and have FUN!!!! Yes i want to have fun with my couples, let loose and laugh until you cry! Its a freaking amazing concept and i have really been gearing my sessions to be more candid and real… no stiff poses… Play time! And ya bringing some booze is never a bad idea, but bring some for me (I’m not pregnant anymore)

Take a minute and think about it, Im not just a vendor at your wedding that you have to be all formal around, thats not me and thats hopefully not what you wanted to hire…Your celebrating that in just a couple short months you will be married and i would think you would want to have as much fun as you are in every day life with each other, being goofy and sharing what makes you guy you. I want to become a friend! I say it over and over but I’m freaking serious I want you to feel comfortable with me, as if we grew up next to each other our whole lives riding bikes in the cul-de-sac, selling cold lemonade every weekend just to make a $1 and telling each other our deepest darkest secrets! ok so i went on a little bit of a tangent there but i have a lot of thoughts and when i needs to get them out i will…..

So back to this bad ass couple and all their fiery goodness

Christina and Remy were up for anything, i mean anything… they even tried to do the famous dirty dancing moves and it looked pretty good to me. I mean I kinda wish it was me being flung through the air. Pretty sure Remy even said during the session that he wanted to marry the F out of her, I mean the man is passionate!

Well we played, they laughed, they laughed at me (I’m crazy and will say anything to make you laugh) and they flirted like they had just swiped right on tinder! Not even sure if thats the right reference (I was already a married women when tinder came out, DAMN!)

Im super excited for their wedding at the freaking insanely gorgeous Villa in San Juan Capistrano with my favorite Coordinators, Joy n Co (they kill it every time guys)

Check out their session and see for yourself

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  1. YAY! These are absolutely stunning! What photos for them to cherish! And I just love that beach!

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