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Beautiful Cliffside Wedding at Casa Romantica in San Clemente

Beautiful Cliffside Wedding at Casa Romantica in San Clemente

Whenever i receive an inquiry from a newly engaged couple telling me that they are getting married in San Clemente I get so excited. Not because i’m a native and raising my family in San Clemente but because it really is the cutest town with the most beautiful seaside wedding venues. Its pure paradise with perfect weather 360 days out of the year, home to the best waves and the most beautiful beaches, no wonder its such a popular spot to get married.

I meet with a lot of engaged couples and I love to make that personal connection as well as a professional one since well they will be hiring me for one of the most important and special days of their lives. So when I first met Kim at my studio she was so full of energy and smiles, I loved her! We talked for over an hour about everything wedding and our obsession for our dogs and how all we want in life is for them to talk, Dog people will get me us!  HA!

Now lets talk about that beautiful cliffside venue they are going to get married at! Casa Romantica is one of my favorite venues in San Clemente, it has the most amazing view of the San Clemente Pier, the sunsets are insane and all your guests jaws will drop to the ground the minute they walk into the ceremony! The Spanish style architecture, the front entrance archway and hidden succulent gardens are incredible and offer so many photo opportunities not to mention the EPIC cliffside terrace that you can catch all of your guests taking a sunset selfie!

As Kim and her girls did some last minute getting ready in the bridal suite i headed over to see Charle and his guys, of course they looked amazing and Charle was so freaking ready to see his babe of a bride. Seriously guys when you look at the photos you will be like Ummmm is that Barbie and Ken getting married!??

Ok so First look, so many nerves run through all of our bodies hahaha, its never a calm moment, i mean it calm but there is so much excitement and when the bride and groom see each other for the first time it ALWAYS brings chills to my body! Its so incredibly special….the amount of emotions that are shown during this time can never be explained, its the time for them to have before all their family and friends see them walk down the aisle. Yes their are cameras but they immediately forget about us and its all about them and their special day becoming husband and wife. So yes Kim and Charle’s First Look was nothing short of perfect, she looks incredible in her wedding dress and he looked so handsome with his fancy floral tie. You could just see how much they loved each other, no matter how long it took them to get to this moment, the ups and downs they shared both past and present, the happy and sad times, they loved each other soooooooo much, it was extremely sweet! Guys i totally wanted to cry ,”I’m not crying you are” kinda thing, ok I’m human ha thank god for Auto focus HA totally kidding i keep my shit together but i crumble on the inside!

Fast forward to the ceremony, Damn it was one for the books… the pastor was super funny and there were a lot of laughs which is always fun. The tears from kids parents and Charles mom was sweet and the special vows they shared i know will always live with them in their hearts!

My Favorite Moments

Grand Entrance, Damn Kim and Charle killed it with a choreographed dance that was straight out of dirty dancing, I wanted to be Kim at that moment and be swept away and flung around on the dance floor like a so you think you can dance episode!

The Decor was freaking incredible, guys like jaw dropping no one touch anything and sit on the floor and eat kinda way! Cortney from Cortney Helaine Weddings and her team are freaking amazing and the BEST in the biz! Everything was on point, the amount of talent and vision she has to make your wildest dreams come true is remarkable, plus she’s so fun to work with! (hire her)

The Food, Ummm Hello 24 carrots is well know in the area and one reason i continue to book up all of my weekends so i can keep eating like a queen (totally kidding but they are bomb)

Speeches, Short and sweet… Charles best man AKA Bad ass Andy didn’t roast him as much as i would have wanted but it was tasteful and still threw him under the bus a couple times and Kims Sister Jess AKA Sexy Kitten ( i gave them these names, sorry not sorry) definitely knows her sister and didn’t shy away from some super funny moments  of how late Kim always is and how you have to lie to her…. Thats totally me too, i feel ya Kim!

The Epic dance party that was taken inside on the dance floor was nothing short of amazing…. the booze kept flowing and everyone thought they were on tv competing on the best dance crew all while holding their drink and not spilling a drop. they were freaking masters at it and definitely had some practice, i was jealous of their skills!

They also had a slow mo photo booth which was amazing and they ended the night with a bubble grand exit which lead to Charlie picking up Kim like a sack of potatoes and they rode into the distance in their uber as husband and wife!

One Thing you Have to do

Sunset photos!

I don’t care if you have to pee and want to eat cake, don’t pass up the sunset photo ops, the scenery is breathtaking and its a dream!

All in all it was a freaking blast! You guys this is my “JOB” and I’m so obsessed with it! Kim and Charle’s Wedding is one i will always remember….. I love going through all the photos and editing them, i get to relive all the rad moments and i get really excited to share them with the couple. The day goes by so fast I want to do give them the best gift…. I want them to feel like they are back at their wedding reliving it all!


Please people get married At Casa Romantica is such an incredible venue and every one is so great to work with there!


All the wonderful Vendors involved, thank you so much!

Venue: Casa Romantica

Design and Coordination: Cortney Helaine Weddings

Caterer: 24 Carrots 

Furniture Rentals: Signature Party Rentals

Cake: Simply Sweet Cakery

Flowers: The Bloom Of Time

Hair and Make up:


Live Band:

Brides Shoes: Jimmy Choo

And check out their Fun Engagement session on the beach in Corona Del Mar 




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  1. Julia Hanson Watters says:

    Miss seeing you, love seeing photos of your precious baby!
    every last detail…amazing wedding and beautiful photography

    • camrynclair says:

      Julia, You are so so sweet, thank you… we are so in love with her! I hope all is well and if your ever in Cali I would love to see you! thank you for supporting my work!

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