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Goldie Presets by Camryn Clair Photography


It has taken me years of trial and error, sleepless nights, frustration, and wasted money to try to find an editing style that worked perfectly for me. I remember buying all the preset packs I could find, to still be disappointed. I would edit and re-edit sessions until I didn’t even know what I was looking at anymore. I know you can relate. After years of this, I finally developed a set of presets that I am so confident in. I never feel the need to re-edit, or tweak a ton. People ask me why I want to give away something that’s a “secret sauce” to my work, if it’s taken me so long to develop. My answer is that, if I can save someone else the stress, frustration, and money, it’s worth sharing!

My focus when creating this collection was to make presets that are:

+ versatile and easy to use on all gear and in all lighting situations

+ timeless and true to color

+ focused on great skin tones and warmth

+ easy to tweak to fit all photographers’ unique styles

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This pack includes:

+ 5 color presets

+ an installation guide

I shoot in Camera RAW, auto white balance, and slightly underexpose.

When editing I tend to increase exposure, contrast and warmth to get to my final image.

Please note that these presets are not magic and can not fix a poorly shot photo with one click. I do my best to capture everything correctly in camera so that I save my time in editing.


Goldie 1

[twenty20 img1=”11005″ img2=”11006″ offset=”0.5″]

Goldie -Decrease Muddy

[twenty20 img1=”11004″ img2=”11003″ offset=”0.5″]

Goldie Cool

[twenty20 img1=”10994″ img2=”10995″ offset=”0.5″]

Goldie Harsh Sun

[twenty20 img1=”11039″ img2=”11040″ offset=”0.5″]

Goldie Sunset

[twenty20 img1=”11041″ img2=”11042″ offset=”0.5″]



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