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The vacation for the Newlyweds, the first experience as a married couple, the thing people tend to look forward to sometimes more than the wedding (Yes, it happens). THE vacation, the first vacation as a married couple, the alone time to actually celebrate your marriage together. The Honeymoon. 

When it comes to your Honeymoon, it can kind of be a little overwhelming to even think about planning when you have a whole entire wedding to plan literally days before. But planning for your Honeymoon is important & something that should be a part of the wedding planning process if you guys are wanting to take one.

But don’t worry, I got my top tips here to help you to start to plan your honeymoon…

Start Planning Early

Here is the thing, I know planning early is easier said than done because of all the things on your to do list with planning a wedding, honeymoon, being engaged and just everyday life. Like that is A LOT, I get that. BUT, the earlier you start planning your honeymoon, the faster it can get off your to do list & give your mind some space. Not only that, but the better prices will be, you’ll have more options, you can get more of what you guys want and it actually saves you a lot of stress in the long run by planning early.

Anywho, you get the picture, the best way to start though is to just to start, whether that is just making a Pinterest board of honeymoon destination ideas, figuring out what climate you want to be in, what activities you want to do. Whatever it may be, just start & start as early as you can.

Decide on A Budget

Just like you have to decide on the budget of your wedding, you also need to decide on the budget of your honeymoon. Not only will this help you not overspend but this can actually help you start making some big and small decisions when it comes to your honeymoon. When you decide on the budget, then you can start actually making more concrete decisions about the actual details. Where you want to go, where you want to stay, travel accommodations, excursions, food, drink, etc. When you slam down your budget, this helps give you a roadmap for actually starting to plan & make decisions when it comes to your honeymoon.

Pick A Place That You Both Will Love

Remember this is a celebration of your marriage TOGETHER, so the honeymoon destination should be somewhere you both want to go. Of course, marriage is all about compromise but you both should be so excited to go wherever you are going. One of the best ways to go about it would be to make a list of all the places you would love to go on your honeymoon individually & come back together and see if there are any places that are matching up. If there aren’t any exact places matching up, see if there are any themes, similar climates, similar vibes, similar cultures, whatever it may be, try to decide on a place you both will love & enjoy. It will make the experience SO much better than it already will be.

Make A List Of Things You Guys Want To Experience There

Once you slam down a destination, start making lists of what you guys want to do there. This is where compromise might need to come in a little bit more, the give & the take. What are the ‘must do, must see & must eat/ drink’. What are your ‘this would be cool if we could but it isn’t a must’ do, see eat/ drink. Then also just add in some extras like if you have extra time to fill or room in the budget to do, see & must eat/ drink. Then again, decide what you want to do as a couple, picking off the must do’s together, the would like too’s and the maybe’s. Again, some things are a give and a take but that’s marriage.

Create A Plan

Okay, you have a budget, you have a destination, you have the experience list you guys want to do. NOW, it is the time to actually start creating a concrete plan & itinerary for this thing. Making sure all the logistics are taken care of. Do you have travel covered, do you have food covered, are the excursions booked & paid for, do you have a dog sitter, are your passports up to date, time off work, are our days planned with the correct time bookings, things like that. Make sure you have a plan for the actual travel but also for your home life as well. 

Then once you have slammed down this plan, your honeymoon is booked & ready for you to just go experience it. It is no longer something that needs to be stressed about and something you can actually start getting so excited for, what a great feeling!

Those are my top tips for planning your honeymoon! Let me know down below if this was helpful & if you want more tips like this! Tell me where you are planning to go on your honeymoon, I would LOVE to know!

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