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Celebrate Galentines Day with Boudoir!

Galentines Day is coming up & that means it is time to celebrate the GALS, aka YOU! One of the best ways to celebrate in my opinion is through a boudoir session. Boudoir will make you feel sexy, strong and EMPOWERED! 

Boudoir sessions have taught me lessons about celebrating how freaking STRONG and confident I feel because of them. 

Boudoir ISN’T just for your partner, and since starting boudoir sessions i’ve been endlessly inspired by the women I’ve shot who are there for themselves just to celebrate their raw beauty, power and feminine energy. Which doesn’t just improve relationships, but also the confidence you need to slay business goals and dream even bigger.

As I’ve gotten older and became a Mother I lost touch of that (like… for the past 5 years i’ve almost felt SCARED of saying the word sexy) but boudoir has given me more belief in myself and love for my body than I’ve ever had, and I NEVER thought I’d be able to say that again.

It was scary opening up doors I thought had closed for good, but in realizing I still have that energy inside me already (and is bigger than ever!) that deserves to be explored and celebrated is changing my whole life.

Valentine’s day will be here before you know it! Like I said, Boudoir doesn’t have to be for your partner! You can gift yourself a Galentine’s of self-love and feel like an absolute GODDESS while doing it!

One of my biggest goals with CAM Studios will be to make boudoir accessible for ALL women in a safe space (in the most gorgeous lust-worthy space imaginable!) because everybody deserves to feel this strong and in love with themselves EVERY day… so if you’re feeling curious, I’ll be here to support you in ALL your creative endeavors!

HAPPY GALENTINES – Here’s to self-care, strength and feeling fucking BEAUTIFUL.

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