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Must have wedding day photos continued. If you didn’t catch Part One of Must-Have Wedding Photos, make sure you check it out HERE. Part one of must-have wedding day photos covered the pre-ceremony + ceremony photos you will want to add to your list as a photographer or Bride and Groom planning your special day.

The Wedding Details

So much thought and work is put into these tiny details of a wedding day like the invitations, programs, wedding decor, floral arrangements. Of course, we couldn’t forget the dresses, suits or tux, and wedding rings. Make sure to capture those details for your wedding album.

Extended Family Photos

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a big fan of creating lists of important family members and friends that you want to be photographed on this day. It is important to communicate the when and where you want people to meet so that you’re able to stick with your photo time blocks. As the photographer, you will want to make sure you have this list handy. As the bride and groom, you will want to make sure that you make multiple copies of the lists for your vendors. Usually, the coordinator will handle keeping the timeline on track but having your photographer and videographer in the loop with these timelines will really help things run smoothly

Father Daughter & Mother Son Dance – Dance with Important Family Member

Family dynamics can range in different ways. You may have more than one special dance for the bride and groom with their mom, dad, bonus parent, or a person close to them that they wanted to include in that moment. Capturing these first dance moments is so special for everyone involved. Make sure to get a list (if you’re the photographer) or make a list if you’re the bride & groom for how many special dances you’ll be having so that all those special memories are covered.

Couples First Dance

This is a classic moment that I know is on everyone’s list of must-have photos but I couldn’t leave this one out. It is truly magical to witness this first moment for a couple and listen to the song that is so special to them, their relationship, and this new chapter they are beginning together.


Wedding speeches are notorious for being absolutely hilarious and very emotional. Capturing this moment can be so special especially when you catch the father of the bride in a moment reflecting on life leading up to this special day. Those closest to the couple usually share memorable stories and well wishes. Don’t forget to add this to the list of must-have wedding day photos!

Epic Dance Moves – Candid Moments

This is where things get really fun. With the number of weddings, I’ve had the honor of photographing I have seen so many hilarious and special moments when the dance music starts. If the venue has a pool anywhere close to the dance floor or wedding reception, be prepared for potential “jumping in the pool photos”. This is a moment where everyone begins to let loose and show their personalities!

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