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Tiara and Erik’s Wedding at The Historic Cree Estate in Palm Springs California

Ok yes I love Palm Springs and Holy Shit I feel in Love with the Historic Cree Estate and want to go back every weekend!!! And on top of that I freaking love this couple and WOW oh wow where do i even start with these two and how we are connected…. Well lets just say we were slinging board shorts and taking long ass lunches ha……yep we worked at Oniell clothing and Tiara, Erik and I were all in the customer service department and well it was a pivotal moment in my life and where I left to go full time with photography but most importantly I made some of the best friendships through working there and I’m so glad that even after 8 years that when Erik and Tiara got engaged they thought of me to photograph their wedding!! 

Ok so back up because i just flew over some major details of how these two even became Tiara and Erik!!!  And i think that Daniel did an EPIC, STANDING OVATION, Hell yes i laughed a lot kick ass job at telling their story as he stood up in front of everyone at their wedding and married them…. Seriously i hope someone got that on video because it was one the most entertaining things i ever ever witnessed from an Officiant! Watch out ladies he is taken and his wife is a babe….. ok back on track so as Daniel mentioned in his speech is that Tiara was covering the front desk and well Erik came in for an interview, crushed it and well lets just say once he started working with us there was definitely some chemistry, well Tiara had a boyfriend but Erik wasn’t going to let that get in the way… yes he stayed in the friend zone for a bit but Tiara couldn’t deny his charm and well handsome good looks ( you will see… his smile is killer and his baby blues oooooohhhhh man) 

Ok so there you have it, Erik got his girl and they had a kick ass wedding with their friends and family that well know how to freaking party… some of them even ended up in the pool!!! 

Oh ya it will definitely be one i will always remember and to get a little sappy it was really special to be apart of such an important event in their lives, im extremely flattered.

and Now i Present to you Tiara and Erik Nyeholt

Venue: Cree Estate

Florals: Kim Karpacz at Palmarium Design

Dress: Grace loves Lace

Bridesmaids Dresses: Cleobella

Coordinator: Diane Kim

Photographer: camryn clair photography

DJ: Vox DJ’s

Hair: Brittany Drummy

Makeup: Katie Mcgovern

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