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I believe women should do work they love and design the life they choose and that is why I’m so excited to feature some of my AMAZING clients and share their stories with you in hopes to connect and inspire.

Next up? Here’s how Aly is making her mark…

What’s the name of your biz and what do you do?

Consciously Connected Health LLC – I help stuck and overwhelmed women take control of their health and relationship to food, to be confident in their mental, emotional, and physical bodies.

Tell us a little bit about yourself! Fav cocktail? Tea or coffee? Hobbies?

I actually rarely drink alcohol! I’m a fan of hard kombucha and a fresh margarita. I am a big tea girl – NO coffee for me haha. I love being at the beach, and being outside in general. The sun is my life force. I love plants and gardening, cooking, taking photos, drawing and making things like cards… :) I also love a good dance session. I married my love last year in September, although we have been together for 9 years! I am a very observant, considerate, appreciative person.

Why did you want branding photos done?

I was going through a year long program to get my certification in holistic nutrition and health coaching. Although I was only half way through the program and hadn’t officially started my business, I knew I would need photos at some point. I figured it would be amazing to have them asap, rather than coming to an important point in my business and wishing I had them! I knew the value of having professional branding photos, just from seeing the difference in other people’s businesses. I knew how much it really elevates the aesthetic and shows such a level of professionalism. It was definitely high priority for me.

Did you feel awkward or awesome during our session together? How was it working with me?

I felt so awesome! I just went about things as I normally would (being mindful of how my face looked), and Camryn just captured the magic in the moments. She was so good ad providing guidance and suggestions during the small moments I did feel a little awkward and didn’t know what to do with myself or how to position my body.

Where are you using your branding photos now?

I am using my branding photos on Instagram, Facebook, my business cards, my website… basically ANYWHERE where my business has a presence or is being represented!

How did these photos help elevate your business? 

Oh there’s no question these photos elevated my business. I think professional branding photos take your brand from 50 to 100. Even if you are in the beginning stages like I was, having those photos shows you are serious about what you do, and you invest in your business to put your best food forward. I also think it shows a dedication to aesthetics, which is like a form of “self-care” for your business. Ive had so many compliments on my photos – it definitely has helped to draw people in!

Anything else you would like to add?

Just that you’re awesome at what you do, and as a beautiful human being. Thanks for being so supportive and such an inspiration!


Wow, Aly, YOU are the inspiration! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk branding photos with me.

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know Aly a little bit more and getting a peek into her branding session. Follow Aly on Instagram @consciouslyconnectedhealth or join her newsletter here!

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FREE branding photography shot list! 

download now

I'm spilling the tea on everything you need: from props to photo ideas and MORE.