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Hey there! MacKenzie here–Camryn’s virtual assistant!

I’ve been helping female biz owners for a little over a year now and I can’t advocate enough for how amazing Pinterest is. It is my number one tool for building an email list, pushing fresh customers to your website, and finding your core audience.

Coincidentally, a few of my clients have had branding photos done with Camryn and I have watched my clients double their traffic and engagement after using cohesive branding photos on Pinterest.

Do you NEED branding photos to have a successful Pinterest? Absolutely not. But after seeing the results with multiple clients, here’s why I think branding photos are a must for taking your Pins to the next level…

Recent pins I made for Jess, founder of Out in the Boons, using Camryn’s branding photos. Pinterest is now her number one source for building her email list.

Consistency and Cohesiveness

When creating beautiful, Pinterest-worthy pins, you want them to be cohesive with your brand, but unique enough so you’re not just pinning the same graphic over and over again. A color scheme and font pack are a great way to make sure your pins are cohesive, but the photos are what help make each one unique and fresh.

When you have a gallery of over 100 photos to use from a branding session, this tactic becomes a lot easier. You can create new pins with new photos, while still staying cohesive with previous pins.

If a new audience member stumbles upon your Pinterest page, you have a few seconds to lock that person in. Having pins that look consistent and cohesive with your brand are going to give you that authority you need to make sure that person stays around and ultimately, becomes a follower.


Gaining credibility on a platform that’s essentially a search engine can be difficult. It’s different than Instagram. You have to ask yourself ‘How can I get complete strangers to trust my tips, my product, or my service over all of the others on this search engine?’

Insert branding photos.

Professional photos of you, your workspace, etc. gives your audience a sense of trust and a reason to relate to you, even though they’ve never even heard of you or your business.  

Example time. If someone types into the Pinterest search bar “self-care tips for new moms,” a lot of images are going to come up. You essentially have two ways to pull that person in. A killer title on the pin or a scroll stopping photo. Both of those together? I promise your engagement will skyrocket.

“Camryn’s brand photos have taken my brand from an amateur to professional. In a matter of images they built credibility that had taken months to accumulate” – Jess Campbell, founder and CEO of Out in the Boons

Sets You Apart

There are over 200 billion pins to browse through on this platform, with 335 million+ active monthly users. Don’t let that overwhelm you, let it inspire you. Whether your business field is super niche like nonprofit fundraising or more saturated like home decor, you have to figure out what sets you apart on Pinterest. I can’t emphasize this enough.

Let me help you figure this part out…YOU are what sets your business apart from the rest. 

You might have the most killer freebie with a drool-worthy title that works really well in your emails or on Instagram, but Pinterest is just a different game and photos of you are what’s going to set your pins apart from the rest.

Time Saver

Pinterest pros schedule their pins ahead of time on apps like Tailwind and Later. For each of my clients, I will set out an hour a week to create and schedule a week of pins for them. This was SO difficult to do before the branding photos.

When one of my clients was first starting her business, she had a couple photos of herself to use and that was it. I found myself scrolling through Canva looking at the free stock photos every time I wanted to make new pins for her blog posts. While there’s nothing wrong with using free stock photos, it takes time. I could’ve been using that time to focus on Pinterest strategy.

Flash forward to now, and this client has a gallery with hundreds of beautiful photos to choose from. Creating pins used to be such a time-suck, and now they’re done in minutes because I can just drag and drop pin-worthy photos into Canva.

Pinterest Favors Fresh Pins

The Pinterest algorithm loves fresh pins and new photos. If you’re using the same photo over and over again, Pinterest is going to push those pins farther down on the feed. Branding photos are a great way to ensure that you are continuing to use fresh photos on new pins. 

Example: Say I need to make a make some pins for ‘Freebie X’ and I want to pin about that freebie twice a week for a year. That’s at least 100 pins for the year. If I use one pin over and over again, no one is going to see it because Pinterest’s algorithm doesn’t have a reason to push it to the top. However, if I switch out the photo of that pin and rearrange the title, Pinterest is going to love that and push it to the top every time. So even though the content is not changing, the pin are unique and Pinterest will reward for that.

Here are 3 examples of what I would do for a new blog post to highlight all of the above. (Using photos from one of Camryn’s recent branding sessions of course, for @driftwoodinteriorsco!)

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