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Whether this is your first branding photoshoot or you’re a seasoned model, these are the three golden rules I tell all of my clients before choosing outfits for their shoot. Styling your pieces before the big shoot is crucial to getting the outcome you want, so don’t wait until the last minute on this one. Check out my 3 styling tips below and make sure to grab my free Style Guide at the end to help you even further!

Grace of Quench Collective

Be yourself 

As cliché as it sounds…be yourself when it comes to picking out your outfits.

When looking at inspiration or your peers on Instagram, it’s really easy to compare yourself and feel like you have to look just like them. Get outta that mindset! YOU are what sets you apart in your business, so make sure that is portrayed when you’re behind the camera.

What I’m ultimately trying to say is don’t try to be or dress like someone you aren’t, it will show during your session and in the photos. But DO be true to you, and if that means buying a dress that you would DREAM to wear as a big time CEO, then do it!

Grace of Quench Collective

Pull some of your favorite pieces in your own closet that you love

For example, pull out your favorite jeans that make your booty look good, grab your favorite pair of shoes, or maybe that sweater that goes so well with your skin tone. Lay them all out on your bed, THEN go from there and build off of those favorite items.

We’ve all had this thought: “My closet is FULL of clothes, but I have NOTHING to wear!” Girl, same. So sometimes it helps to pull out those favorite pieces (I know you have them), lay them out, and give them a fresh perspective.

Grace of Quench Collective

Get inspiration from your Pinterest board and invest in a few new pieces for a fresh look

I am here to give you full permission to invest in a few new pieces for your photoshoot. A branding photoshoot is a huge investment already for your business, and what you wear in these photos is a part of that. So, don’t feel bad about including new clothes into the mix.

I suggest making a board on Pinterest with inspo outfits (remember tip #1 though). Try to build as much as you can with pieces you already have and then buy new pieces that will give you a fresh look based off your inspiration.

Pinterest can also be really helpful for how to accessorize things. If you’re anything like me, I never know how to style hats or layered necklaces. So, Pinterest is my go-to for accessorizing. With that being said though, keep it simple with accessories.

Extra tip: Ask yourself “Would I actually wear this piece again or am I just buying it because I’m panicked about the photoshoot and this girl in the Pinterest photo looks good in it?!” If you answered the latter, don’t do it!

Grace of Quench Collective

I hope these 3 tips were helpful reminders for styling your wardrobe for your next branding session! If you’re still feeling stuck, want some guidance, or need inspiration – click here to download my free Style Guide! It is jam packed with eight different looks, tons of photos of my clients’ outfits, my favorite boutiques to shop at, and extra tips to help you feel confident going into your session!

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