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Montage Beach Engagement session in Laguna Beach


I can’t freaking believe these two are getting married this weekend and I couldn’t help by celebrating a little and reliving their freaking amazing Engagement session in the beautiful Laguna Beach! Missy and Aj share a very rare kind of love that would make anyone swoon…. from the moment they stepped foot in my studio they had a flirty “oh hey whats your name” kinda look for one another, it was real Cute!

Each of them showed such a respect for one another and as Missy and Aj talked about their plans for their wedding i was melting more and more into my chair.. the words like boho, braids and Epic dance moves left their mouths and i knew it was meant to be… for both them for each other and well for me as their photographer. I wanted to capture their day as they envisioned it and I’m so excited to do that this weekend! And i can’t wait to share all those amazing moments with you guys….. so to give you a little glimpse ok i lied a big glimpse as to how freaking cute these two are check out their Engagement session that includes a lot or frolicking and even some acrobatic moves!


My Favorite Moment

I had a lot of favorite moments on this shoot, one being that they were up for anything… I MEAN ANYTHING and we had a lot of fun doing all the craziness ha… Missy and AJ are soooooooooo in Love you guys, like could you guys be anymore in love? The way AJ looked at Missy was like how i look at dark chocolate…. He was so sweet the way he would move the hair out or her face and hold her in a way that she knew she would always be safe. Missy is a firecracker and i loved her energy! I felt as if we had know each other forever and it really made for such a fun and laid back shoot. They love to laugh at each other and of course with each other but laughing at each other is whats going to keep your marriage fun, and they definitely have that going on. AJ is super competitive so when i had them run and frolic on the beach AJ took that as “Im going to race her and beat her” kinda frolicking which turned out pretty funny and is just more of them shinning through in the session. I freaking loved when AJ throw Missy up on his broad manly musclier shoulders and ran down to the water as if he was going to just dump her right in head first, it was freaking funny! Oh and speaking of his muscles one more time hahaha he ran up behind Missy and just threw her over his should like a sac of potatoes and she literally didn’t know what hit her… I was dying!


Geez they are freaking awesome! Missy and AJ i seriously can’t wait to see you guys!





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