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Let’s talk about success when it comes to your business because I feel like this is a hot topic when it comes to the end of a year and the start of the new year. We start comparing how “successful” your business was by usually some standard someone else created. 

Then usually we feel like we didn’t hit a certain goal or income standard, then we start to feel like we didn’t do enough in our business, the imposter syndrome starts to set in and we start doubting EVERYTHING. 

Then once we start doubting everything, it just leads to a really bad downward spiral.

But here is the thing that I want to talk about today, is that YOU are the business owner, YOU run your business, so at the end of the day YOU get to choose what success looks like for YOU. 

Not what someone else is telling you, not what someone else’s success looks like, BUT what success looks like for you & your business.

That is the beautiful thing of being your own boss, is you get to dictate what success looks like but usually we are either so extremely hard on ourselves OR we end up just picking up someone else’s standard of success and trying to fit ourselves in that mold. And those things just don’t work and are beneficial for us or our business growth.

So, I really want to encourage you to get clear on what success looks like for YOU in your business, not based on anyone else but on how you feel about it!

Here are a few questions or things I would maybe journal on to help you get a clear picture on what success looks like for you…

  1. When you think of being successful in your business, what does it feel like? How do you feel in business? How do you feel about yourself?
  2. Based on those feelings, What does a successful business day look like for you? A successful schedule? A day to day view? A day off like?
  3. If you could define a successful year for you, what would it look like? How would you feel throughout the year? How are you taking care of you? How are you making an impact? What activities are you doing, in & out of business?

Take some time to really think & reflect on these questions because it can really help you define what success looks like for YOU & for YOUR business.

Again, please remember you are your own boss, you dictate your own success. Don’t get caught in this comparison trap or trying to fit yourself in someone else’s mold.

You are amazing & successful now without any of the extras, don’t forget that.

Let me know if this was helpful & share this with a business bestie who might be struggling with celebrating where she is now on her business journey!

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