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Boudoir is truly a life changing experience, an experience to really change the way you feel about yourself and build your confidence up. Don’t let your insecurities hold you back from this experience (I know that is a hard thing to do, but let’s talk about it)…

Here is the thing ALL Bodies are BOUDOIR ready Bodies

Lately, I have been getting so many DMs of you beautiful people saying, “ I would love to do a session but I need to lose 15 pounds first” “ I would SO do this but I hate the way I look in my body”. And I totally understand where that mentality comes from but I am here to tell you that Boudoir sessions aren’t for the women with the “perfect” bodies. 

You can ask every single one of my boudoir clients that none of them believe they have the “perfect” body, because that doesn’t even exist anyway.

You have a body? Cool, it’s beautiful as IS and a boudoir ready body.

Boudoir Sessions are there to celebrate you & your body NOW, not when you feel like you are at a “perfect” body type but again, that doesn’t exist.

Listen, I totally get it, you feel like you need to lose those last few pounds, then the session would be perfect. But here is the thing, Boudoir Sessions are for celebrating you AS YOU ARE, not when you hit a certain number on a scale to feel “worthy” of doing a boudoir session then.

You Are Worthy NOW, not when you hit a certain number on a scale, You are WORTHY now.

And that is what a Boudoir Session Experience is all about.

Finding love for yourself & your body now and feeling worthy & confident NOW.

There will always be new reasons why you could wait to book your session but if you are feeling that pull, I would listen. There is a reason why you feel that pull. 

I promise this experience you will feel comfortable, confident & so empowered. So, I wouldn’t wait till you hit that “perfect” situation that you are wanting, I would create the perfect situation NOW, because you are perfect & the time is NOW.

Let’s start 2023 feeling love for yourself and for your body, it does so much for you, let’s celebrate & honor it together!

You can book your boudoir session, HERE.

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