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It’s only March and we’ve seen so much change since 2022. What does this mean for personal branding?

Branding itself will ALWAYS be important, but year to year, how personal branding looks changes! If you already shot your branding photos this year, you’re in a great spot! Brand photos can be repurposed and used however you want, so you have complete freedom to decide whether or not to follow trends!

But 2023 personal branding trends, let’s talk! 

1. AUTHENTICITY! There was an era where professional shots were really the only style people liked to use for their branding. More and more, we are seeing more casual, fun, styled, personality showing branding sessions. This is SO much fun for us photographers AND for you to really be yourself within your session and within your branding.

2. Repurposing Content. This is a trend that has been around, and I think will stay for a while. Repurposing content is a HUGE time saver, especially if you use more than one platform! Branding photos are a great way to help you repurpose content while also keeping your brand consistent across the board

3. VENUES. Instead of using colored backgrounds, you’ll see new, unique and niche-specific venues being used for branding photos. This is a GREAT way to show your audience your niche!

4. MINI SESSIONS. There are so many of you taking the leap into entrepreneurship which is SO amazing! A great way to save money while establishing your brand is through mini sessions throughout the year, this helps you create fresh content especially if you get new ideas you are wanting to try out throughout the year.

2023 is a great year to prioritize your branding! If you’re ready to book a session or if there’s a trend you’re excited to follow, click here and book your session.

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