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How to Bring a Unique Spin to Your Brand Session

You booked your branding session, you are ready for a refresh and are ready for your business to go to the next level but you are wanting to make sure your branding photos really make you stand out vs your competitors…

We all have the “saturated niche” fear, like there are so many businesses doing the same thing  that we don’t want to get lost in or overlooked by our dream clients…

The thing is, no matter how saturated your niche may be,  there’s only ONE of YOU! Your branding session is the perfect time to showcase yourself and your business with your brand and make sure you stand out of the crowd!

Here are three tips to bring a unique spin on your branding session to do just that…

  1. Incorporate your brand colors

Whether it’s your clothes, shoes or props, adding in your brand colors can not only seamlessly blend with your content, but it can help your branding photos POP! 

  1. Find a place where your niche can identify with!

If your niche is fitness, shoot your session in a yoga studio! If your niche is beauty, find a salon or a makeup studio where you can show your stuff!! Where you shoot your session can further show your audience what your niche is and really help you stand out and slam down your brand identity.

  1.  HAVE FUN!

You are the part that makes your branding stand out from everywhere else. Show  your personality through these photos! Don’t be afraid to make this your party, dance, laugh, OWN your session, however that may look! Really be yourself, that is what your dream clients will truly be attracted to

No matter how saturated your niche may feel, you will always stand out, and branding sessions are the best way to help set you apart!

If you’re ready to take that next step and SHOW YOURSELF OFF, click here to book your branding session!

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