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Laguna Beach Anniversary | Anniversary Photographer | Nicaela & Jason

Nicaela & Jason

Laguna Beach Anniversary Photographer

Anniversary Session


Many many moons ago (yes I’m getting all hippie on your ass) this stunningly beautiful women and I met one day when down at Sano and a mutual friend that knew introduced us (thanks kim). We would spend every moment we could down at the beach surfing, hanging out with our friends and of course our boyfriends at the time (sorry jason and mark). As our group of friends got closer so did Nicaela and I’s friendship.  She is and I’m not just saying this, if you know me I’m dead honest.

ok here we go again. She is the sweetest, most caring person, Nicaela is a women after my own heart and would do anything for her friends and family. We both have a wild side and well the rest is history.kidding kidding. Theres over 16 years of friendship and I’m going to touch on all of them if you like it or not. As we graduated from High School we all got grow up jobs and thought it was a great idea that our surfer girl gang should move into together! Sanja, Jen, Nicaela and I moved into this sick house in down down San Clemente!! Now don’t get me wrong we were all going to collage and working but hey we let loose a time or a million!!!! give me a break, have you looked at how gorgeous my friends are! Watch out San Clemente is what we said as we managed to get down the stairs in our high heels and headed to the nearest bar (oc tavern, the triangle) you know the classy places. While living in that house we dated a few frogs and well a couple of us found our husbands, i know right. Someone actually tamed us! God bless their hearts! But the one thing that will always stay in my heart (tears flowing now onto my keyboard) is that each and everyone of us girls went through something that we thought we were going to survive from and I could always remember we would all cuddle under the covers in one of our beds holding onto each other as tight as we could, screaming and crying it out.”i hate my job” , “he’s such an asshole” ” i suck at life” not leaving that room until we were all laughing and peeing our pants forgetting what crisis we had just had. That is what friendship is all about and I’m so happy that i got to experience that with these girls.


ok enough about that

fast forward to our weddings. So like I mentioned we met our husbands and of course we were in each others weddings duh! I got married to my hairy bearded redneck bandana wearing husband October 18th 2013! We had a epic Honky tonk wedding with moon shine, bbq, the most kickass band ever! The Freight Shakers and well the most amazing friends and family by our sides (including Nicaela and Jason)

Now to these love birds you see below

so in 2014 these ridiculously good looking tan people tied the knot near the beach at the beautiful Casino in San Clemente! The year leading up to their wedding Nicaela was always crafting something when i came over to drink wine and eat tons of yummy cheese!!! Of course those of you that are married are well aware that something strange comes over you when you get engaged and your overwhelmed and excited, yelling at the top of your lungs (or in silence)  “YES I CAN FINALLY UNHIDE MY WEDDING PINTEREST BOARD AND BRING MY VISION TO LIVE”  and ohhhh you now what I’m talking about, you all had one or have one, well I can say that everything she envisioned came to life, it was just beautiful from the handmade napkins to the reception details. It was incredible! good work Nic! We ate, we drank, and We danced the night away with the Bad ass band the Flock of 80’s !!! One wedding i will never forget!

ok now to what these photos on the Blog are all about

Laguna Beach Photos


Well you all know I’m a photographer and well when I have pretty friends i harass them to get infant of my camera. well Nicaela and Jason had a little bit of a announcement and well i wanted to be the one to help them do it!!!

A couple months ago i went to meet up with Nicaela and Nellie (my old neighbor who i miss so much) for dinner. When I sit down Nicaela is drinking a pink looking non alcoholic drink and Nellie is drinking water. hmmmmmmm hello order wine. oh ya there’s theres a reason why.

They are BOTH Pregnant! I burst into tears and I restaurant voice screamed for joy!!!! Holy SHIT!!!!! both of them! how freaking amazing!!!! My Best friend is going to have a baby!! I can’t believe it!


funny story right before Nicaela got married I told her, sanja, nellie, lucy, and Sasha that we should all get pregnant together!!!! and well 4 out of 6 of us are Pregnant (NO Sasha and I are not pregnant YET) hahahaha



ok back to the lovebirds… ok so I thought what a great idea to do a Anniversary-Surprise I’m pregnant shoot! ummm duh why not! so here it is! Im so so so freaking excited to be an aunt and hopefully we will be joining them on their whole baby train soon!


I love love love you guys and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICAELA!!!!!!! Don’t you worry I will drink some fine wines in your honor!






Surprise we are pregnant!!!

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