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Connect More With Your Feminine Side

It is time to stop shutting down that beautiful power you have inside you as a woman. Your femininity and it is time for you to start owning this side of you.

Connecting to your feminine side can be a beautiful and rewarding experience, a way to deepen your relationship with yourself or uncover a hidden aspect of your personality. 

And there are a few ways you can start igniting this feminine spark inside of you…

Some ways to start connecting to your feminine side include exploring activities that bring it out of you, such as writing, reading, glamming up and going out, or staying in and meditating, things that speak to your soul, or taking time for yourself to relax with a warm bath or a soothing massage. 

You can also explore activities that challenge your body and spirit, such as yoga, trying a new sport or learning a new dance. 

Connecting to your feminine side can also be done by reflecting on your emotions and experiences and writing down your thoughts in a journal. 

I love channeling that feminine energy and putting it into our boudoir session. That can be through the outfit that you wear, maybe the makeup style you choose, or the setting/vibe of your session.

Boudoir is an intimate, deep way to connect to another level of yourself that you may not have been able to find or explore! You may have a newfound sense of self-love and compassion acknowledging this side of yourself and OWNING it like the queen you are!

Taking time to practice these activities will help you to connect to your feminine side and bring a beautiful balance to your life or allow yourself to learn a new side of yourself!

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