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  • I encourage being coordinated, but not “matchy.”  Think about accessories, jewelry, textures and prints to give interest and personality to your look.  My Pinterest Board links to current clothing options available in stores and online.  I recommend starting with your own outfit, then find coordinating items for your significant other and children.
  • Consider the backdrop of your location when picking out wardrobe. In the fall, fields are golden so rich jewel tones like indigo, cranberry and olive green pop against the background. At the beach, muted blues and pastels play off the color of the sky and sand. You can always email or text wardrobe images to me for feedback! I’m more than happy to assist in pulling the look together.
  • Stay away from branding and logos in your clothing.
  • Be sure your clothes are wrinkle and stain-free!  Plan on changing young children into their outfits when you arrive at the location.
  • Dress for the weather and location.  If you’ve booked your session at the beach, plan to be barefoot for most of your session.  Likewise, if the temperature is trendy downward, be prepared with sweaters or jackets that coordinate with your wardrobe.
  • Ladies, the right undergarments do wonders! I advise sheer tops be layered with full tank tops and bra straps are hidden or worn strapless, unless it is part of your outfit and you mean for it to be photographed.
  • Accessories are fun and can really help individualize and polish up a look.  If you have a favorite necklace or hat, bring it along!
  • The most important thing is you dress like yourselves.  Your clothing choices could really help in bringing out your personality, especially if you’re dressing kids!
  • When in doubt, size down! Fitted clothing photographs better and looks more polished – this is especially true for menswear and with children.

 Hair, Skin and Nails

  • Plan on any haircuts and color/touch-up appointments at least 2 weeks in advance of your session.  This gives you time to either get used to a new style or help make the cut look a bit more “lived-in.”
  • For ladies, make-up for photography should be a bit heavier than your day-to-day.  Bring along lip color for any necessary touch-ups during the session.
  • For everyone, apply lip balm. Nothing compliments a smile better than soft, pretty lips.
  • For everyone, nails should be manicured or clean and free of chips or dirt.
  • For children, remove any temporary tattoos, especially if they are half peeled off.  And remove or cover any colorful Bandaids.

 Families with Children

  • Let them know a few days in advance that I will be taking special photos of them and the whole family.  It helps to show them a photo of me so I’m not a “new” face.  Let them know what your expectations are for their behavior, but more importantly, let them know it will be a fun.
  • If napping is still a part of your child’s routine, stay on track.  Don’t make any drastic adjustments to their schedule as it’s a sure sign “something is up” and young children don’t do well with schedule changes.
  • Make sure everyone has had a meal or snack before the session.  In fact, pack a simple snack bag with water and something for everyone.  Make sure it’s not something that can stain their mouth, faces or clothing or is messy to eat.
  • Don’t forget to bring a special toy or blanket in case they need a little comfort.  Make sure it’s something you don’t mind being in the photo!

 Newborn Sessions At-Home

  • A well-fed baby does best in photos because they’re happy and (usually) sleepy. It is helpful to try and feed baby 30 minutes prior to my arrival although we’ll have plenty of time to feed mid-session, if needed.
  • Your home will be the background, but I don’t expect it to be immaculate.  I understand that you actually live there!  I will help stage any spaces where we shoot and remove items that might be distracting in photos.
  • Baths can cause peely skin on newborns so it’s best to avoid bathing in the 2-3 days leading up to the session.
  • Clogged tears ducts can cause mucus build up in newborn eyes. A few drops of breastmilk in the eye at each feeding will clear that up – it sounds weird but is a safe and natural remedy that works wonders!
  • The best place in your home to photograph your newborn and family will be the baby’s nursery, your bedroom and family room.  These are the rooms that hold many memories for years to come.

Lastly , it is important to arrive ready an on-time for your photo session.  I schedule sessions based on sunrise and sunset times, alotting just enough time to capture the best light of the day.

My goal is to capture your family at it’s best, authentic self and it definitely helps to come a little prepared. I will assist with natural poses and direction during the session so don’t worry if you’re not completely comfortable in front of a camera. I promise to do my best to capture you naturally so you have beautiful images to last for years to come.

I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!

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