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It’s February and we all know what that means, love is in the AIR!
Let’s channel some of that love energy back into ourselves. Self-love and self care are so important for creating a deeper connection within ourselves. And the art of doing that looks different for everyone, whether that’s reading a book, taking time to meditate or booking a boudoir session, it’s crucial that we incorporate things that fuel our heart.

When we feel full, then we can pour into others, we show up as our confident, most empowered selves and we just feel so much lighter & happier.
What I love about boudoir sessions is the CONFIDENCE it gives you. It’s amazing seeing the transformation of nerves into hot girl energy by the end of a session. It’s literally electric.

With it being the month of love, I wanted to give you some tips, advice & motivation to start upping your self love & self care game, so you can truly feel like the Queen you are:

  • Stop comparing yourself to others, we are all guilty of this! But I want to encourage you in this season, cherish where you are in your life and take time to appreciate the present you.
  • Allow yourself to make mistakes, we are only human at the end of the day, it is okay to make mistakes
  • Remember your value doesn’t lie in how your body looks, you’re beautiful & amazing inside & out, period.
  • Let go of that toxicity in your life! Whether it’s a person or habit, saying BYE BYE BYE to toxic things in your life will free up space for love & positivity.
  • Treat yourself! Bath bombs, shopping, boudoir session, facials, whatever that looks like for you, do it!
  • Treat yourself to therapy, seriously a good therapy session? Chef’s kiss.
  • Lean on your loved ones for support when you need it, that is what loved ones are for.
  • Make room for healthy habits, start small. Start making healthier habits mentally, physically & emotionally one small step at a time.

There are so many ways to help you pursue self-love and self-care and tons of resources! This season of love, don’t forget to love yourself! 

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