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Sanja+Cole }Maternity

This is a TRUE Love story! Sanja and Cole met when they were both the new kids in 6th Grade, but the shy kids they were they didn’t end up talking until High School. I hear Sanja had a major crush on Cole back then too! Years later Cole was out with some friends at a local restaurant where Sanja worked. That night they ended up catching up on life and the next thing you know Cole and Sanja are inseparable! You knew something was different with this one, Sanja was constantly laughing and smiling, even more than she already does! Cole was full of surprises and always making Sanja feel like she was on top of the world! An amazing proposal and a beautiful wedding and well here we are today, awaiting the arrival of Baby Hatter! Sanja and Cole are beyond head over heels in love for each other and the minute baby Hatter was announced their love was over the moon!

Can you tell that this story has a special place in my heart!? Sanja and I have been friends for over 10 years and Im so excited for them!

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I loved spending time with this amazing Family!

Congrats Sanja and Cole, Love you both!


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