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Woohoo! Okay guys, let’s do some learning. This has been something I’ve been afraid of doing for a very long time, but education in this field is so important and I’d love to share what I know. With these sessions, I truly hope to be able to inspire, teach, and challenge you in new ways. I’ve learned so much from being emerged head first in this photography world from the amazing artists around me, and I only hope I can pay it forward and teach others to open their hearts to such a beautiful thing as capturing the love between two people. I hope I can teach you to let it touch your soul the way it has mine!



+ A simple 1.5-hour open Q&A: Nothing is off the table. Come prepared with questions concerning editing, shooting, posing, pricing, couple-photographer connection, business + marketing strategies or just chat with me about my laughable dating life (if the words “bank teller” mean anything to you, we’re going to get along just fine):


+ 1-hour Q&A: Open chat sesh concerning absolutely anything you’d like to know. Whether that’s business strategy, editing, creating organic moments, pricing whatever!

+ Couples shoot: the fun part! We’ll get together and run around on the beach or go on a little hike to their favorite spot and make some magic together. This is the time where we’ll chat about camera settings, couple direction, creating emotion, lighting, etc. PREP YOURSELF FOR SOME WACKY AND OFF THE WALL TACTICS THAT WORK EVERY TIME and have them peeing thier pants. Hey MY MOTTO IS I WILL AMEK A FOOL OF MYSELF TO MAKE THEM LAUGH 


+ Lunch (or like, maybe a weirdly early dinner) on me and conversation including shoot prep, couple-photographer connection, and whatever else you’d like to know.

+ Couple meet-up and get-to-know-you time (at the end of the meal). I’m an extrovert, and i know not everyone is so i will share how i help couples open up and get really excited for what is about to go down.  I will also share some little secrets even before we meet the couple that helps set up the shoot for sucess and a super personal experience for them. this is one of the most important steps in my process to a successful shoot and creating a natural, comfortable environment.

+ Couples shoot: the fun part! We’ll get together and run around in the BEACH OR GO ON A LITTLE HIKE TO THEIR FAVORITE SPOT AND MAKE SOME MAGIC TOGETHER.  This is the time where we’ll chat about camera settings, couple direction, creating emotion, lighting, etc. Prep yourself for some wacky and off the wall tactics that work every time AND HAVE THEM PEEING THIER PANTS. Hey My motto is i will amek a fool of myself to make them laugh 

+ Editing + Q&A: Wind down and chill with me while we do some editing. I’ll give you some tips on how to make your presets work how you want them to, composition, coloring, and anything else I can answer for you concerning your business and how to put your whole heart into this passion.

Please come prepared with questions and topics you’d like to discuss. This is going to be completely personalized to you and what you want to learn. I won’t have a whiteboard or a drawn up syllabus on what I’m going to teach and talk to about with each person. Come into this with an open heart and an open mind, ready to express your passions and even insecurities in order to grow. 

Send me a message to the email below with your name, preferred dates, and the type of session you’d like to set up. Seriously, thanks for even considering this! It’s gonna be an honor taking you on this adventure!