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Engagement Photos on Laguna Beach at Sunset with Kristin and Priestley

Lets be honest i really really really suck at Blogging and every time i do i am so proud of myself, why? Its not that hard?

Well I’m making some (Great) changes in my life that will allow me to do exactly that and show you why I pursued my dream as a Professional Photographer in the first place.

No one tells you when your starting a business that you have to handle all aspects of that business, lets be honest 11 years ago i just wanted to meet awesome people and take their photos, travel and get paid to do it,i didn’t even think about the business side of things. Well fast forward to now and wow oh wow have learned a lot and I’m still learning! I truly believe that “the day you stop learning is the day you stop living” damn that Albert Einstein he’s a smart man

ok one more quote because its freaking awesome!

“Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will” – Vernon Howard


ok back to why i do what i do, if you even care but I’m going to keep on talking because i have a point after all of it.

Photography was always a forbidden career for me, my parents wanted me to get a “real Job” whatever that means! I’m happy to say that my Mom and Dad are very proud of me and my career as a photographer, and now that brings me to why!!!!

Why?Why?Why? Its super simple in my eyes, I can freeze time, you guys I am a magician! Not really but I have the ability (I call it passion) to bring out your love and emotions,that true and genuine laughter and happy freaking tears all while freezing that moment, capturing it with my camera! Thats freaking RAD if you ask me.

Now thats a real small snippet of why and i could talk your ear off but i really want you to feast your eyes on these gorgeous humans that are actually getting Married TOMORROW!!!

See i SUCK at blogging but i just couldn’t let this opportunity to gush over this couple before they say I Do tomorrow under the twinkle lights at Salt Creek Grille in Laguna Beach!

Kristin and Priestley are true soulmates and have already been challenged with a horrific diagnosis with Priestley’s health, Brain Cancer! The Vows that they will speak tomorrow “in sickness and in health” is a true testament to their love and commitment for one another, they will stop at nothing and will continue to beat the odds all while keeping a smile on their faces.

jumping up and down on the beach

Words from the Bride

“in 2011 Priestley was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor called Oligodendroglioma and had his first brain surgery that same week. This year (2016)  the tumor has grown and become more aggressive and in May, during brain tumor awareness month, he had his second brain surgery which was followed by radiation and he is currently on chemotherapy which he will be completing in August of next year. Doctors have told us it would take weeks after surgery until Priestley was even able to even properly lift a spoon to his mouth. Miraculously, he was up and taking his first steps just 2 days after surgery. He was left with some weakness in the left side of his body but he does not have any major impairments and even walks perfectly fine now.”

About our Sunset Engagement Session in Laguna Beach

I have been really loving sunset sessions done in Laguna Beach and when I showed Kristin another session i did down there (Bre and Matt Engaged) they knew that was the perfect spot for them too!

There is just something about the sand in your toes and the waves surprising you as your paying attention to me and not the tide (oops), but they went with it. The minute i met Kristin and Priestley in person i felt very comfortable and felt like i could be myself (scary i know). I of course talked to Kristin over email several times but meeting both of them, together in person is what i really need in order to document their wedding day the best i possibly can and feeling more like a friend instead of someone they just hired to shoot their wedding.

As we walked down the beach we talked about random stuff, I made a stupid joke and snuggled their dog Phoebe, then it was time to shoot. I am going to say it even if it is cliche, but DAMNNNNNN they had chemistry and made my job very easy. You have no idea how many people tell me they hate photos, aren’t models and their guy isn’t into taking these must have “Engagement Photos”  but he has to, and i say YAY and Bring it! Why because its a challenge for me, a fun game to get them to forget about my camera and start having fun with each other! Loving each other and laughing until you snort, I say the dumbest things to make me couples laugh, I think it also helps them look at me as a person and not someone they hired and now have to be awkward in front of.

After Kristin telling me about Priestley’s cancer and chemotherapy I wanted to do the best i could possibly do to document some an amazing and special time in theirs lives, this session really pulled at my heart and I still get the sweetest emails from Kristin saying how much she loves the photos and well that makes what i do just so darn special

The photos speak for themselves and really these two are just the best! I cannot wait to see Kristin in her dress and I know Priestly is going to be looking damn fine in his suit!


twirl me at the beachkissing dog on beachman and his dogdancing in the sandsunset kissholding on tight at the beachkeep me safe at the beachhold her close on beach








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