Heck YESSSSS!!! I would be a millionaire with how many times i hear this exact question!! I totally get it, being in front of the camera can be scary BUT not with me by your side as your personal HYPE GIRL! NO JOKE! I GOT YOU!
I love to get to know my clients and i make sure that you feel 100% before, during and after your session! I ask some pretty silly questions but its only because I want to get to know you on a deeper level. Once we get on the phone and we talk about your vision, your goals and your overall dream for your business I really take it to the next level and thats where we create stand out content thats going to separate you from the others. Im here to guide you and help you bring out your unique qualities and have a blast all at the same time! I'm 100% confident that i can take your awkward and turn it into AWESOME!

im sooooo awkward in front of the camera! will you help me?

Instead of mustering up the energy to take one selfie, edit it, and post it..why not plan a week’s worth of content in the same amount of time? When you have a gallery of branding photos to use for posting, it not only saves you time, but makes your life so much easier so that you can focus that extra energy on your business.

Here are just a few of the places you can use branding photos:

Instagram/Facebook posts
Instagram stories
All over your website: blog posts, about page, product pages, service pages, etc.
Your online courses and toolkits
In your email blasts and newsletters
Zoom meetings
Profile pictures/linkedin
Business cards
The list goes ON!

where can i use these photos?

Your audience wants to see YOU and the face behind the business. They want to know who they are following on social platforms, not just the business name. Some solid shots of that gorgeous face of yours will let your audience know exactly who’s behind the content.

Connection and trust! That bomb photo of you working with your matcha on a messy table? Someone out there is going to relate to that story. Once your audience feels a connection with you, they’ll start to build trust. Once they trust you, they’ll want to invest.
Your first impression to new clients needs to be WOW. Branding photos provide a cohesive look for your feed and website that will encourage new audience members to engage.

Branding photos show your audience your craft, why you are the expert and what sets you apart. Even though there might be 20 other people out there doing the same thing as you, YOU are what sets your business apart..so show it!

Consistency is key! Your look should be consistent across all platforms and devices, right?

how can branding photos help me level up my business?

Branding photos are the images that represent YOU and your business. The photos you use to post on Instagram, on your website, or the front page of that course you’re creating.

Your logo, color palette, fonts, messaging and photography all contribute to your audience’s experience with your brand and you want that experience to be clear, cohesive, and AMAZING right?! 

What the heck is branding photography?


yes lets do this!

are you ready to do this?

Packages start at $797

All sessions include:

I’m a master at creating an experience that will turn even the most awkward AF person into  feeling unstoppable and confident in front of the camera. I show up for my clients and truly care about creating brand photos that will allow you and your business to shine. I help you tell the story of your brand’s mission in every visual we create together. And, my years of  photography experience has given me the confidence to help you level up in your business… making the process from beginning to end easy, fun and valuable. When you invest in brand  photos, I’m invested in your brand. 

Branding Packages

Photoshoot-  We will Rock and Roll, creating on brand visual content that will have your Ideal clients in your inbox booking asap

Phone consult -discuss your vision and how we can bring your dreams to life

Brand Inspiration board-I will send you a link to your own Pinterest vision board to really see how we will bring your brand to life

Makeup artist recommendations-professional hair and make up is ideal and creates confidence in front of the camera

Planning Call- set up 1 month before your session to discuss your overall (MAP massive action Plan) vision, key shots you would like captured and the overall story you want to tell. 

High-Resolution Images- Fully-edited, Commercial Rights to use images for website, marketing and Advertising, Online Photo Gallery

2 week turn around on full edited gallery
*Payment Plans Available


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Jasmine's SD loft Branding Session

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