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When you’re freshly engaged, I’m sure your head must be whirling with people you need to tell, social media posts you need to make, tasks you need to accomplish. So I can understand why engagement photos might not be at the very top of your priority list. But there are several important things you should know about engagement portraits that just might move them up a few notches on that list!

1 — You’re going to have fun!
Engagement photos are not a chore! They’re a chance to focus on your fiancĂ© and to let your love shine. Set aside any lingering memories you have of school photos, posed stiffly in front of a marbled backdrop — modern engagement photos are best when they’re personalized to YOU! You can even include your pet! So brainstorm with your spouse-to-be on ways you can make your engagement shoot personal and fun for you both. I’ve had so many clients give me a hug after their engagement shoot and tell me they’ve never had so much fun in front of a camera!

2 — The photos from your shoot will come in handy again and again!
Engagement photos aren’t something to keep in a shoe box or stashed away on your hard drive! I have a list of 10 ways to use your engagement photos here, and I know there are many more I haven’t even considered. You’re going to find yourself using these photos — online and in print — again and again for years to come!sexy kiss on the beach




3 — Your engagement photos will provide documentation of one of the sweetest times in your relationship.
I often think that while photographs are wonderful to have now, their TRUE value will only be realized in the future. Have you ever looked through old photo albums with your grandparents, listening to stories of times gone by? Someday, these engagement photos will be just as cherished. For years to come in your own life and for generations to come in your family’s future, these images will be a beautiful glimpse at who the two of you were as a couple during this fleeting time before your wedding. You’re going to treasure them, and you’ll love sharing them!

4 — They offer a chance to do a test run.
An engagement session is the perfect chance to test out your wedding makeup and maybe even hair. Schedule your beauty trials so that you can not only see how the results look in person, but also on film! An experienced stylist will know how to make you look your best in photos, but what you see in the mirror can be quite different from what I capture with my camera. Combining your beauty trials with your engagement shoot lets you make the most of BOTH.

5 — This session will make your wedding photos BETTER.
One of the reasons value engagement sessions so highly is because they give you a chance to connect with your wedding photographer. Spending this time in front of your photographer’s lens will help you to relax with them and let them get to know your quirks and preferences. You’ll feel so much more at ease on your wedding day, because your photographer won’t be a near stranger. And that ease will translate to your wedding photos, making them more natural and beautiful!Wow! Now that I’ve listed these out, I feel even more excited about engagement sessions — haha! I hope I’ve convinced you, too, that engagement photos belong near the top of your list. You’ll never be sorry you made them a priority!
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